Aims and Objectives Audio

Aims and Objectives

Association of Facilities Accessibility for Visually Impaired People

This community is working to meet the needs of individuals in their target community.

The four main fields outlined below are the existential goals.

Efforts and plans in the field of accessibility of educational facilities for the following matters:


1-Social 2-Cultural 3-Technical 4-educational

Goals and programs of training

1-1 Top of Form

Face-to-face and virtual education to meet the needs of everyday life, studies, etc. for people with visual impairment in order to equalize access to relevant information resources and technologies.

1-2 Face-to-face and virtual education through Internet tools such as virtual conference room, Skype and … for public and private organizations in the field of entrepreneurship for visually impaired people who want to enter the job market.

Note: First and foremost, the above activities are related to Apple’s products, and in the second place, with the assumption of the possibility of realization, Microsoft products will also be considered.

1-3 Preparation and production of educational clips to better understand the capabilities and capabilities of people with visual impairment and provide the right methods of assistance by the visually impaired.

2- Technical goals and plans

2-1 To establish a worldwide network of communication and relaying services for awareness of remote technology and technology issues continuously through the Internet (virtual conference room, Skype, etc.).

2-2 To set up and equip the electronics (computer, tablet, mobile …) to create accessibility for people with visual impairment either face-to-face or remotely (if possible).

2-3 To find and introduce accessible software for people with visual impairment and to provide appropriate methods for their use.

2-4 Action for the preparation or production of accessible software and hardware needed by people with visual impairment.

2-5 Negotiate with major corporations (Apple, Microsoft …) and requesting technical assistance to build and make available hardware or software products manufactured or designed by them.

2-6 To provide and purchase of equipment for people with visual impairment in relation to educational goals and programs.

2-7 Efforts to persuade officials and practitioners to better accommodate places, vehicles, and more to make it easier for people with visual impairment and special needs.

2-8 Communicate and engage basically and effectively in encouraging companies and organizations to make their websites accessible to people of target communities.

3- Social goals and plans

Organize seminars and conferences, prepare annual panels, create moves and set up social campaigns to realize the following:

3-1 All programs and objectives set forth in paragraphs 2-4, 2-5, 2-6, 2-7 and 2-8.

3-2 Efforts to achieve more equal rights and opportunities to other community members through drafting legal bills and insisting on the full implementation of the laws and regulations in the UK, European countries and other countries provided that they can be realized.

4- Cultural goals and plans:

4-1 To create and design an accessible website for people with visual impairment, as well as establishing and completing a suitable virtual library in English and Persian under the supervision of the community.

4-2 Preparation and compilation of free audio books of high quality and high standards from different centers or action to buy them.

4-3 Trying to produce or re-produce the books and resources required for target community members.

4-4 Provide educational resources in a multimedia or written form, accessible to meet educational and technical goals and objectives.

Other goals and plans:

Efforts to establish a regular and coherent network to provide financial and non-financial resources through communication with government and public institutions to fund and pay for the implementation of these goals and programs.


1. The Association’s effort is to directly target people with visual impairment and entrepreneurship aimed at individuals in order to fulfill their educational, technical and cultural goals and programs.

2. The Association declares: from a political and ideological point of view, there has been no dependence or tendency towards a party, group or group of its activities, solely within the framework of the above-mentioned objectives.